Two Lifetimes is a non-profit 2HA zine dedicated to showcasing the love and turbulence of both timelines. We plan on dividing the zine into three sections: the first section for 0.5 timeline, when Taxian-Jun is emperor, the second section to represent the 2.0 timeline, from when Mo Ran is transmigrated back to his teen years to the end of the novel, and the third section to represent post-canon. Though the nature of the novel has a RanWan focus, we want to represent all characters!

It will feature 30-40 page artists, 9 writers, and 5 merch artists along with 3 pinch hitters per role. Showcasing both angst, fluff, and/or a mix of both is ideal! We are currently looking at having guest contributors be featured along with accepted contributors.

With our Contributor Applications now closed, we will be sending out acceptance and rejection emails on December 20th.

We hope to open donations so that we can provide contributors with copies of the zine.

This Carrd will be updated as new information arrives, along with our socials.


Lam | any pronouns | General & Social Media Mod

Lam is new to zines, but is dedicated to helping out with Two Lifetimes to the best of their ability! In their free time, Lam is a translator for the English translation of the Qiang Jin Jiu novel and audio drama. They also translate other danmei content, such as fansongs and audio drama clips. Their favorite character is Mo Ran and their favorite scene is RanWan running in the rain!

Rio | she/her | General, Shipping & Beta (Writing) Mod

Though new to zines, Rio is beyond excited to help produce a zine based off 2HA! She’s been writing fanfiction for nearly six years and has written a few RanWan fics as well. Her favorite character is Chu Wanning and her favorite scene is the 3,799 steps!

Cait | she/her | Graphic + Layout & Beta (Art) Mod

Cait is also new to zines but is ready to take on the task of mod for this zine! She has been honing her art and graphic design skills for seven years now. Her favorite character is Xue Meng and Ranwan and her favorite scene is the 2.0 umbrella scene!

Des | they/them | Finance Mod

Des is new to zines but has run their own enamel pin shop @tiredlysighing for a few years now! They've made countless designs for various fandoms, including MXTX and ATLA. Though still reading 2HA, their favorite character is Xue Meng and their favorite scene so far is the confession!



Q. What is a zine?
A fanzine, zine for short, is a term combined from the words fan and magazine. It is a booklet made for fans by fans. It is a non-official publication either in the form of PDF or physical book, often containing a mix of artworks and written works for a specific fandom or event.

Q. Will there be NSFW in the zine?
No, there will not be any NSFW allowed in the zine. We will allow things such as slight nudity but not any explicit sex. Since we cannot confirm every buyer’s age, we cannot allow any NSFW. Mature content, such as blood, violence, horror, implied sex/lewd language, and presence + usage of substances, will be accepted, as it is in the nature of the novel and difficult to eradicate story-wise.

Q. What is the rating for this zine?
Our zine will allow G, T, and M content. G = General Audience, T = Teen and Up, M = Mature.

Q. What is the 0.5 and 1.0/2.0 timeline? What is post-canon?
0.5 timeline is when Taxian-Jun is the emperor. This is pre-transmigration and is mostly shown in the novel through flashbacks and memories. 1.0/2.0 timeline is the main timeline of the novel when Mo Ran transmigrates to his youth until the end of the novel. Post-canon is what happens after the end of the novel. Some novel extras take place during this time, so if you want to create work for that, you are welcome to. This section has more creative liberty, but we want to still stay in the canon-verse.
Q. Where does the zine take place?
The zine takes place during all three books and after the end of the novel. As per the title, we want to showcase both lifetimes, which means events from 0.5 timeline and 1.0/2.0 timeline. From the cold lotus pond Chu Fei rests in to the wandering paths Ye Wangxi takes, we would love to see them come to life! Because this zine is canon-verse, we will not be accepting any crossover AUs, such as modern AUs or fantasy AUs.

Q. Are there ships in this zine?
Yes! This zine takes place during canon and post-canon, so there are a few relationships that exist. Based on our interest check votes, non-canon ships we'll be accepting are ShuangMeiMeng and XuFeng. Canon ships: RanWan, WangSi, Xue ZhengYong/Madam Wang.

Q. Will HYX (Immortality) art be accepted?
For artist applications, we will accept HYX fanart as 2HA fanart. However, for the official zine, we will discuss this in further depth with participating artists. Because HYX doesn't have much official content, we cannot completely rely on it. HYX has also made changes that are not original to the novel. This zine is meant to represent the novel's timelines, not the drama's.


Q. If there is a physical zine, will you ship internationally?
Yes, we will ship internationally. We are based in the USA. We may possibly open group orders, but this is only tentative.

Q. Will there be a digital zine?
Yes, there will be a digital zine. To stay within non-profit regulations, it will be free. However, it will likely come out after physical copies have been sent out, which may take up to a month. If you would like a physical copy, you may order one.

Q. Can I purchase merch separately?
No. Merch will be available only through bundles that include a physical zine. If you want merch, you must buy a physical copy as well.

Q. If you have extra funds, where will the money go?
We plan on buying copies of 2HA on JJWXC with any extra funds made through the donation process. We will post photo proof of purchases should it occur.


Q. Are you looking for contributors?
At this time, we are no longer looking for contributors and all applications have been closed.

Q. Will contributors get a free copy?
We hope to give contributors a free copy of the zine. Because the zine will be nonprofit, we cannot guarantee this. We will be opening donations to offset the cost of copies for contributors.

Q. How are applications going to be judged?
We are going to do a blind judging process. Names, social handles, and as much other identifying information will be wiped from the applications. The art mod will wipe the information from the writing applications and the writer mod will wipe the information from the artist applications.

This does not mean we won’t be able to identify applicants, such as writers with distinct voices or artists who have a unique art style. However, we will not be taking into account their name or social handle when judging. Mods are required to declare any conflicts of interest (i.e. friendships) so our team is aware and can address them.

We have a rubric to follow, which we have shared above, for every application in order to keep the process fair. Mods will assign applicants an overall score according to this rubric. Those with the highest scores will be accepted into the zine. Rubrics focus on technical aspects of work, such as characterization, plot, and spelling for writing entries, and anatomy and use of color for artists.

Portfolios will only be looked at in the event of a tie between applicants. Your social media following will not factor into these decisions. We are basing it on individual talent.


Mod Roles:

Finance Mod (Des):
Calculate break-even pointDetermine best pricing for bundlesPurchase the zine and necessary merch (if physical)Use leftover funds from zine financial accounts to purchase copies of 2HA novel on JJWXCSet up and run zine storeTrustworthy and responsible with finances.Has an understanding of how to allocate money for taxes.Must be comfortable with Excel/Google Sheets, and is able to double-check the checks and balances to ensure that all of the finances are correct.
Social Media Mod (Lam):
Run social media accountsAnswer questions from our ask accountsHelp market zine and applicationsPost regular announcements and updates on current statusRun Discord server, send acceptance and rejection emails
Shipping/Production Mod (Rio):
Communicate with zine and merch production companies to get best quoteReceive all physical copies of the zine and merchandisePackage and ship out orders
Graphics + Layout Mod (Cait):
Create graphics for informative posts and to advertise zineMake title pages and credit pages for zineCompile and format zine pieces into PDF for printing and digital distributionEnsure all contributors submit work that fits within the formatting guidelinesFormat writing submissions so they are concise and equal on the page
Beta Mod (Cait+Rio):
Review zine work (both art and writing) for errors, inconsistencies, etc.Ensuring work stays within the word limit and page boundariesRio will be working as a writing beta mod; Cait will be working as an artist beta mod
Zine Roles:

Cover Artist:
Design the front and back of the zine. The cover artist will be communicating with the graphics mod for layout and logo placement.

Page Artist:
A complete work of art, background included, that represents a moment from either timeline or a piece of post-canon work.

Merch Artist:
Design merch of characters for bundle packages.

A single piece of fiction (canon-verse or post-canon). Word count will be 1,500-2,500 words.

Contributors List

All contributor socials can be found here!

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